Send personalized messages based on their behavior

The main challenge in the existing push notifications systems is the lack of granularity in subscriber profiling.

Not every piece of content or product pushed within a specific category is going to be relevant to all users of that specific category.

Typically, a user subscribed to a “ Gaming” category might not be interested in all of its subcategories.

Secondly, generating personalized notifications for all users is a time-consuming process.

After a significant delay, the original notification may no longer be relevant for time-sensitive information.

This is why, by recalibrating personalization, we aim to address the shortcomings above and bring tailored content to only those who want to read them.

In, a user has a rich profile created. Based on its interaction with data on each host, which is further contextualized with information on the pages/content the user consumes.

We continuously update user profiles while keeping daily records (a representation of each user is created every day).

The regular user profiles are later aggregated to more accurately represent users.

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