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A/B Testing Our current model calculates similarity scores between campaigns and user profile vectors. The similarity score is the cosine similarity between the content+title of the page and the aggregated content read by the user, as stored in their user profile. In the current setup, based on an experiment on a small number of... Read more
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Send personalized messages based on their behavior The main challenge in the existing push notifications systems is the lack of granularity in subscriber profiling.Not every piece of content or product pushed within a specific category is going to be relevant to all users of that specific category.Typically, a user subscribed to a “ Gaming” category might not... Read more
1 min read
Content-Based Push Notifications Once you start collecting subscribers, our system will profile each subscriber to a specific type of content or uses Machine-Learning technology to segment users, so you can overview how many subscribers are interested in the "Apparel" section of your Store, for example.Push notifications have a 35% higher impact when... Read more
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Turn visitors into followers Turn visitors into followers. Push notifications are excellent for generating leads and turning your visitors into subscribers.You can use push notifications to promote your latest article, your latest product launch, or even an offer of 20% off your store or a particular category.It's easy to set up, so why not give a... Read more

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