Turn visitors into followers

Turn visitors into followers.


Push notifications are excellent for generating leads and turning your visitors into subscribers.

You can use push notifications to promote your latest article, your latest product launch, or even an offer of 20% off your store or a particular category.

It's easy to set up, so why not give a try!


First, you'll need to signup and create your account.

Once logged into your Publisher Dashboard, you'll need to add a website to install the code to fire notifications. 

Go to the left-side menu, chose Hosts and add a new host.

Input your website URL, Title and a short description.

Next, input the Yes/No fields.

You can use: "Yes or No," "Agree or Disagree," or any such inputs.

This notification will prompt users to subscribe to your website's notifications.


On the next step, copy the code snippet onto your website, in index.html file, between your <head> and / </head> tags. 

Once copied and saved, click done.


You also have the option to set the notification request immediately once visitors access your website or set a custom delay (a value between 0 and 600 seconds)....though we recommend keeping it under a maximum of 10 seconds.

You also have the option to display the notification to a specific percentage of your overall website visitors.


Finally, upload your website logo and hit Save.

You're all set! Just sit back and watch your subscribers grow!

Note that it might take up to 15 minutes for these changes to take effect, as multiple caching layers are applied (CDN, browser)

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